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Protect Your Tech.


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Dream45 is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in cell phone cases and accessories. We provide the finest quality phone cases with fun, ornamental, and fashionable designs to ensure that your phone will be well protected. All of our cases covers all edges of your phone to prevent bumps and scratches or any type of damage that could be inflicted on your cellular device. We provide a variety of decorative designs to dress your tech allowing you to incorporate your personal touch.


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No Glove,

No Love

We want to give our customers cases made with the highest quality material, prints, and designs that are scratch resistant and will not easily fade or rub off. Our cases are designed to protect your phone from damage while reflecting your interests, passion, and hobbies. Most of all, we want to expand people’s individuality through their interests with our fun and decorative cases.


Better Safe Than Sorry.




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